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M2M essentially refers to ICT applications in various sectors to combine industrialization with informatization. Real-time measurement and smart control are conducted to achieve the objectives of efficiency improvement, cost reduction, security/safety guarantee, energy saving and environment protection, scientific decision-making, and quick response.

From the perspective of telecom operators, M2M is a machine-to-machine communications solution for group customers that is industry- and device-specific and that takes SMS/USSD/CDMA/GRPS as its ways of access. It satisfies customer needs for IT applications in production process monitoring/control, scheduling, remote data collection and measurement, and remote diagnosis.

Mapfa offering provides all that’s needed to build your own m2m/IoT solutions - from prototyping through to deployment. It’s powered by the popular device WISE Application Enablement Platform, which makes it easy to develop customized Web-based apps, mobile apps and dashboards. In addition m2m AIR Cloud enables seamless integration with enterprise-systems for big data analytics.

Features include comprehensive management and configuration capabilities for all your devices and data transfers – from basic entry-level solutions to full-scale enterprise-grade deployments around the globe.

Customer benefit:

  • Realizes M2M "middleware" to promote the standardization and popularity of M2M application development Provides a standard API that shields lower layer complexity for fast service development by developers. Supports M2M application integration on existing networks: Integrates M2M applications in component mode through interface encapsulation, thus improving the resource utilization ratio on existing networks and service flexibility.
  • The graphic open application development environment supports faster service creation and deployment. The innovative developer community promotes the development of the M2M industry. The socialized service development mode allows numerous enterprise/individual developers to provideM2M components, socializing M2M participation. Because of the innovative service mode and flexible business pattern, not only services developed by developers can enter operator's operation system, but also user's and developer's benefits are protected.