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From ready-to-run applications to the industry's most powerful open mobility platform, our solutions let you define, design, build, integrate, deploy, and manage amazing apps at each step of your mobile journey.

Mapfa mobile applications optimize workflow, leverage existing infrastructure, integrate easily to your back-end systems, and utilize device capabilities to deliver exceptional user experiences across phones, tablets, desktops, and more.

Every business requires a different strategy to meet their mobile application objectives. Whether you need a pre-packaged app to get to market fast, an app "starter package" designed just for your industry, or a completely custom app built from scratch, we can help. Mapfa ‘s ready-to-run, app accelerator, and custom app options ensure exceptional results with maximum flexibility.

Mapfa apps are designed with business users in mind, from ideation to analytics. Throughout the process, line of business professionals can quickly customize their mobile applications without writing a line of code, including:

  • Create distinct user experiences by channel, locale, or environment
  • Customize application features, business rules, layouts, styles, and languages
  • Publish updates in real time on mobile apps in production without requiring users to update
  • Choose a wide variety of user behaviors you want to track for both real-time and offline analysis using your own analytics tools or those provided by Mapfa
  • Define URLs, data fields, processing characteristics, and more, all related to the unique backend systems feeding your mobile apps

With Mapfa apps, IT can easily extend enterprise applications to support business-specific requirements and third party functionality:

  • Integrate with backend systems like SAP, Oracle, and IBM
  • Align and drive your roadmap at your pace
  • Differentiate your brand while reducing risks involved in building applications from scratch
  • Easily incorporate future updates