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Rich Communication Service - VOIP

Voice over IP

The message and voice communication market is changing with the rapid development of internet services. Users can find more convenient and economy message or voice services on the internet, which decreases the revenue of operators. Competitors in various field is emerging to share the revenue of communication market. At the same time, social networking with the basis of people relationship becomes the trend of the communication.

To help operators get rid of becoming pipes, protect traditional message and voice revenue and open up a new world of mobile internet, Mapfa  VOIP is trying our best and experiencing a lot.

Mapfa VOIP  is based on GSMA RCS standard, but has much more extended capabilities which can be deploy on traditional telecom networks (e.g. PLMN) and Internet.

VOIP function makes user can initiate voice call, messaging and file sharing by client easily. It also provides smart routing which will increase the call completion rate and bring good experience of communication anytime anywhere to user.

System supports voice calls between various terminals: 

  • Internet user to GSM User
  • GSM User to Internet user
  • PC Client and PC Client
  • Phone to PC

Mapfa provides customized and integrated terminal with software. This provides an advantage in that client integrates with handsets and USB Dongle, so subscribers can enjoy the VOIP services naturally and flexibly