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Rich Communication Service

Operators are evolving toward rich and differentiated communication services to meet the new and changing demands of end users. Example of this are: Roaming applications that can help operators to recover niche revenues lost to OTT players, and policy-controlled VoIP in Wi-Fi hotspots that can offload traffic to release spectrum resources and extend in-door coverage.


Operators are also launching evolved offerings such as One Number for multiple devices, new GSMA join services with additions such as best-effort voice and video services, presence, and network address book, to capture market-proven communication enrichments and trends.


The Mapfa  RCS Solution offers a set of tools that enable the operator to sustain ARPU and manage churn and subscriber acquisition costs by offering the above evolved communication services on new devices such as Smartphones and Tablets as well as on PC.

 This effectively enhances the communication between people and improves the value of traditional networks:

  • Supports GSMA RCS 1.0/2.0/RCS-e;
  • Supports refining message service network based on converging traditional message services and new message-like services (Micro Blog and others) from internet;
  • Provides profitable MBB communications service.
  • Mapfa RCS solution has the following features: -Convergent address book (CAB): Mobile phonebook enhanced with contact presence and status, converging with Internet Address Book, etc.
  • Unified Box: Unified Box provides unified message experience with multi message types;
  • Unified Message Box collecting SMS, MMS, Email, IM, Voice Message, Video Message and Fax Message from various servers and put them into a single storage. Unified web access portal provides management of stored messages and directories, which also includes web-based online SMS, MMS and Email forwarding and sending feature;
  • Online Storage and Sharing: With this function, an end user can store files online and share them with friends easily;
  • VoIP: RCS has the ability of VoIP with abundant services like video voice, picture sharing, video sharing and others;
  • Smart Routing: RCS can give the most suitable route for voice and messages according to routing policies that has been configured;
  • Multimedia Chat: An end user can send instant messages to contacts and transfer files promptly. Ad-hoc instant message group is also supported;
  • Multimedia Blog: An end user can post blog in his own online space. Others can comment and follow the blog;
  • SNS Roaming: RCS has the ability of integrating with third party IM and SNS internet services, for example Twitter, Facebook, MSN, ICQ and others. After that, RCS users can communicate with their IM or SNS friends without logging in the third party.