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centralization of teaching operations is expected to solve many of the problems associated with traditional education models.

e-Education solution integrates education resources into a unified cloud system where data-intensive digital education resources, such as digital teaching materials, teaching videos, e-books, and demonstration videos, are available as needed throughout the region. The high-speed, reliable network enables teachers and students to access and use a multitude of education resources in the cloud system.

e-Education service platform is a unified portal that provides cloud education services for high schools, middle schools, and primary schools. The e-Education platform enables teachers and students to teach, learn, discuss, and communicate ideas and issues from anywhere, at any time.

he regional education data center distributes basic resources to departments and schools. The datacenter provides core services, such as computing, storage, and backup. The data center also serves as the public operations environment for key application systems, such as regional education resource management, school registration, and curriculum management. 

e-Education Solution offers the following benefits:

A comprehensive security structure provides layered protection for technologies, services, and management systems.

The modularized data center uses optimized energy-saving, cooling, and power supply solutions.

The resource pool features flexible sharing, and automatic dispatching supports quick development, deployment, and upgrade.