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With increasing global competition, governments now place top priority on these features in e-Government networks: sustainable economic growth, smart and cost-effective social services and development, and simplified, efficient network administration. Governments recognize that an efficient and cost-effective e-Government network platform supports the development of innovative, service-oriented administrations. Mapfa looks forward to cooperating with government customers and business partners to help the world progress towards the integration and development of smart government.

e-Government Cloud Solution

As cloud computing technologies develop and mature, more governments plan to apply cloud-based services to improve resource utilization and eliminate information silos in networks. Cloud services, however, bring additional requirements for resource integration, cross-system collaboration, security protection, and unified system operations management.


It helps government customers address these challenges with resource integration, information security, cross-system management, and unified system operation and management.

e-Government Rich Communication office platform

This solution uses advanced computing and communications technologies to support multiple administration applications, such as unified communications, video conference, secure desktop, office automation, and hotline. An IT-based, paper-free office that features digital resources, network data transmission, and statistics-based decision making can make huge improvements in government administration efficiency.

The collaborative office solution comprises the collaborative office, government information security, and unified communications platforms, which provide advanced features for security, mobility, and collaboration.


  • The Rich communications solution enables efficient office information collection and processing, quick data transmission, and statistics-based decision making, which facilitates service and information collaboration.
  • The cloud desktop solution is secure and flexible, and meets government requirements for system security protection and terminal access control at the department level.