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Finance M-Banking

Mapfa Mobile banking solution opens up the world of mobile banking to financial institutions. Mapfa has designed a unique mobile banking solution to suit all mobile technologies and enable banks to service customers on any type of devices: mobile phone, smartphones iOS and Androind or tablets.

Worldwide, more people now own a mobile phone than a bank account. A revolution in mobile phone payments is taking place. The way mobile devices are evolving makes it difficult for banks to find the right solution to manage complex technologies and provide a consistent service to customers. Mapfa Mobile banking solution enables banks' customers to carry out a host of banking transactions using their mobile phones. Mobile banking solution can give banks a competitive advantage by launching enhanced services and acquiring new leads at the mobile self-service channel.

As mobile phone usage and levels of technology increase, the growth in demand for banks to offer mobile banking services to its customers continues.

Mobile banking solution enables banks to provide mobile banking services to all customers regardless of the technology they use. The solution is optimised for SMS, WAP, USSD, Mobile Web Browser and smartphones. mobile banking solution is also available regardless of the telecommunication operator used.

  • SMS
  • Smartphone & Tablet Apps
  • WAP
With multi-channel integration, banks can launch services across all channels simultaneously.