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Oil And Gas

Collaboration and enterprise-wide communication are the keys to success in today’s information driven environment. Yet many oil and gas companies still rely on fixed line telephone services that don’t include video and data services. By not having a scalable, centralized system, critical information can fall through gaps leaving the entire organization susceptible to miscommunication and inefficiency. These are not the only limitations oil and gas companies face when trying to develop better company-wide communications.

Mapfa Rich Communications Solution provides a single platform that integrates voice, data, video, and service flows into one. This all-in-one solution is strong enough to meet the communications needs of the entire enterprise yet flexible enough to be tailored to the specific needs of employees. By streamlining multiple, fractured systems into one combined system, clear, efficient communications will extend to the entire organization.

Better communications improve collaboration and connect both remote and on-site employees.


  • Reduce communication costs by folding multiple, incompatible systems into one
  • Connect mobile employees with the entire organization using remote collaboration, mobile office tools, and remote training
  • The IP-based solution integrates voice, video, data, fax and unified messaging through terminals that can access the system at any place or time.
  • using either or both of these tools employees around the world can receive remote training, attend conferences, and improve cross-regional collaboration and communication. By having access to all the training, communications and office automation tools that on-site employees have they are able to work and collaborate more efficiently. Plus, the entire enterprise benefits by reducing business travel expenses and travel time.