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Missed Call Alert

MCA stands for “Missed Call Alert”, is a new mobile communication value-added service. When called party is in unreachable status. SMS will be sent to called party incase the called party is available again.Mapfa MCA will increase ARPU by generating revenue through an increased callback rate.

Network Architecture

The system is based on carrier-class soft switch/IMS technology and the core technology of the computer telephony integration (CTI) platform.

Large Capacity and High Integration and security platform can be designed as below:

Centralized MCA system: this process MCA service management and call management and operation functionalities.

Distributed MCA system:  This contains one management site and several distributed call site.

MCA deploy in the network in both SS7 and SIP

MCA Basic Function

  • SMS Replace by new MCA event
  • SMS Aggregation
  • indicate the life time of a SMS in SMSC
  • customizing the location where the alerts by SMS will be stored on subscriber's mobile
  • Restrict special callers in MCA by operator


Reliable Hardware

The hardware platform adopted in advanced telecommunication grade which are in High performance and large capacity, high scalability, High reliability, strict security and high manageability and easy maintenance. 


Operation Management system

Mapfa MCA OMC includes network management, system management and monitor, alarm, network management and report system and so on.