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MMS Center

Mapfa MMS follow Specification by 3GPP, 3GPP2 and OMA(WAP Forum) can store and receive and send multimedia  message, resolving addresses, notifying and reporting.

Basic MMS service

  • Point to point
  • Point to Application
  • Point to Email
  • MM validity Period
  • Delivery and notification report

Enhanced MMS service

  • Copy mm to other handset or e-mail
  • Forward mm to other handset or e-mail
  • Address hiding
  • Mobile News Paper feature

Hardware Design and high performance

As MMSC System is modularized based on different subsystems,easily can extend in capacity and functionality.

components adopt the active/standby working mode.


Operation and Maintenance and Report System

MMSC supports uniform remote maintenance and management through the NMS. system has perfect functions of system maintenance and test, fault detecting and solving

report system makes statistics of MM bill records, and outputs accurate and visual statistics reports.