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SMS Center

As a basic telecom service of the mobile communication network ,Mapfa Short Massage Send Center(SMSC) is responsible for submitting, storing, and forwarding short messages in GSM and CDMA Network and also can providing the SM exchange among the CDMA, GSM and TDMA networks.

The basic services of the SMS system include:

  • Mobile originated (MO) messages
  • Mobile terminated (MT) messages
  • Access through SMPP 3.3 and SMPP 3.4
  • SMS encoded in Unicode
  • Alert notification service
  • Support of cache in busy time


SMSC Signalling Gateway

Through the signaling access gateway, It provides powerful signaling handling capacity for the SMS system based on operator demand protocol which could be SS7 and SIP also by , online smooth capacity expansion which does not influence the service running of the existing modules operators can expand their network easily.


Enhanced SMSC Features

  • SMS system supports the multidimensional schedule technology which let SMSC dynamically adjusts scheduling strategies according to special system performance parameter.
  • Ability to relocate MO and MT according to the real MO traffic.
  • SM signature service for point-to-point SMS
  • SM auto reply service
  • SM forwarding service
  • SM barring service
  • SM auto backup service
  • SM copy service


Hardware Design and high performance

As SMSC System is modularized based on different subsystems,easily can extend in capacity and functionality.

components adopt the active/standby working mode.


Operation and Maintenance and Report System

SMSC supports uniform remote maintenance and management through the NMS. system has perfect functions of system maintenance and test, fault detecting and solving

report system makes statistics of SM bill records, and outputs accurate and visual statistics reports.