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Color Ring Back Tone Platform provides Customized ring Back tone instead on normal and boring Beep for called party. It can play the RBT according to the called party and calling time. CRBT is call related service, so that it is required to be more that traditional IVR to have massive exchange ability and carrier-grade stability.

Mapfa CRBT Provide content related voice service for mobile users and with rich features help operators to increase revenue by attracting more subscribers.

Network Architecture

Large Capacity and High Integration and security platform can be designed as below:

Centralized CRBT system: this process CRBT service management and call management and operation functionalities.

Distributed CRBT system:  This contains one management site and several distributed call site.

Service feature

CRBT Subscribers Management

CRBR Call flow Management

CRBT Content Providers Management

CRBT Content Management

CRBT Charging and account Management

CRBT Notification and query Management

Customer care Management

Provisioning by IVR, SMS, WEB, WAP & USSD

WEB and IVR portal management with the latest content and refreshment from time to time.


Interface Management

CRBT system supports following interfaces and protocols to communicate with external network elements:

1) ISUP, BICC,SIP with Call switches

2) SMPP3.3/3.4 with SMSC

3) FTP with Billing

4) SNMP with NMS

5) HTTP with CP

6) Real-time charge interface with OCS