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Interactive voice response (IVR) is a personal information communication product that provides various services.

Mapfa IVR is a product that effectively provides various IVR services to end users and service providers. For service providers, they can subscribe corresponding service on IVR system and then initiate a survey and promotion. For end users, they can choose to participate in specific voice service via a short access code.

Network Architecture

The system is based on carrier-class soft switch/IMS technology and the core technology of the computer telephony integration (CTI) platform.

Large Capacity and High Integration and security platform can be designed as below:

Centralized IVR system: this process IVR service management and call management and operation functionalities.

Distributed IVR system:  This contains one management site and several distributed call site.

Signaling and Interface

Mapfa IVR system has open and standard protocol interfaces and supports number of signaling and interface

Signaling: No.7, H.264, SIP, BICC, SIGTRAN, RTP

SMSC:SMPP 3.3/3.4



Billing system:FTP

Provisioning:SOAP and HTTP

Easy developing IVR Services

MapfaIVR system is an Open Platform for third-party, they can easily develop new service JTAPI, VXML, ActiveX control, service development kit, and simulate development environment.


Operation  Management  system

Mapfa IVR OMC includes network management, system management and monitor, alarm, network management and report system and so on.