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After Mobile Network construction, operators need to develop new services to obtain new profit.

With Mapfa USSDC, operators can provide vast range of value added services such as Finance applications, Information querying, Industrial applications.

Mapfa USSDC conforms ETSI GSM and 3GPP TS international standards

USSDC support below functionalities:

  • Converting signaling messages and USSD service messages.
  • Responding sessions originated from the MS and from the network, and managing USSD sessions.
  • Analyzing the route of the USSD request.
  • Forwarding the USSD service requests and response messages.
  • Authenticating the service access and sessions.
  • Generating charging data record (CDR) for charging.

Network Connection Mode

Supports two types of GSM networking mode:

  • Connecting the USSDC to MSC
  • Connecting the USSDC to HLR

USSD Interface to Network entities

USSD signaling part will support signaling of the No.7 (ISUP and SIGTRAN) and SIP.

USSD communication and message exchange between SP and MS users. Both UAP and SMPP Protocols are supported between USSDC and SP.

Network management system

  • Alarm management
  • Performance management
  • Configuration management
  • Traffic management and signaling trace

Collect Data and Taking statistics of service system data, and generating report data.