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Through Technical innovation, reading also changed to electronic reading. many news and books publish in e-version too .People will read a books  in scattered time and they need to access e-book files on their mobile terminal.

Mapfa e-reading solution will provide rich and valuable service for mobile operators and users to receive books, news,magazine,comic and audio books on their mobile ,web client,e-reader and  WAP Client anytime and anywhere. The content could be offline and online.

Ereading Service logic

CP Management: manage CPs by service and different content and provide CPs with the accounts of different permissions.

Content Management Different Content can be categorized and e-reading solution supports the associated operation of content categories. In addition to the conventional mode that CPs provides content, e-reading solution also supports the modes that subscribers generate and import content and operators synchronize content from third-party in content Management system.

Charging Management e-reading solution provides flexible charging policies and the function of discount management. It supports the management of product packages that contain multiple contents.

Network Access to Operator network elements and Service Access to CP

Network Access Gateway provide The interfaces between and network elements (such as SMSC,MMSC, PPG,IVR ,USSD and HTTP)are called southbound interfaces.

The Service Access Gateway to CP is used to develop open, technology-independent application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable the development of applications that operate across converged networks. The Parlay X open APIs and web services APIs allow for application innovation within the solution.

Service Presentation

Mapfa e-reading platform enables subscribers to access e-reading services through different channels such as the IVR Portal, USSD Portal, SMS Portal, Widget Portal, mobile clients, and PC clients according to the terminal access capabilities. These service access channels share the service, content, and subscriber information with each other. Carriers can choose one or multiple access channels according to the general situation of the terminals and services used by their customers.

Promotion Management

The Promotion Management is a service management assistant tool for system administrators of the e-reading platform. The statistics analysis and decision making assistant module provides the function of managing the entire marketing process that includes the planning, implementation, and analysis of marketing activities. By using the data mining function and the subscriber consumption behavior analysis function achieves precise marketing. The Promotion management provides various marketing management functions.

Reliable Hardware

The hardware platform adopted in advanced telecommunication grade which are in High performance and large capacity, high scalability, High reliability, strict security and high manageability and easy maintenance.