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Media Store

Mapfa media store solution is complete effective App Store platform that pre-build-in Mobile eBook, Mobile Newspaper, Mobile AD, Mobile TV and other new service for the mass mobile subscriber, CP/SP.media store is service delivery platform with applications and contents.

Mapfa media store can be deployed based on hosting and sales strategy.

Soft client of Media Store

Soft Client is installed on end user’s devices, and  let user to manage applications purchase, download ,friends, emails.

Soft Client is going to supports the following OS:

  • Android
  • MTK touch screen
  • Symbian
  • IOS

Also user can access Media store portal by WEB, WAP also

System Architecture

Mapfa media store support settlement system to do the settlement

Mapfa SDP provides Network Gateway to operator Network enablers bases on standard interface. Once receiving the service request , it will send it to the corresponding Service Enable.

Mapfa SDP provides Service Gateway for the standard API to 3rd Party, which can be used to developing the more complexity service by 3rd party and also access .

Mapfa SDP provides Service Creation Environment for Content developer  .they can use p Development Environment and preconfigured service templates and integrated execution environment to create  the service and new products.


Reliable Hardware

The hardware platform adopted in advanced telecommunication grade which are in High performance and large capacity, high scalability, High reliability, strict security and high manageability and easy maintenance. 


Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Management, provide maintenance and operation tools and function such as performance monitoring, configuration and alert management etc.