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Through Mobile Broadband development communication, voice user’s services increase on the internet, which will decreases the revenue of operators.

Mapfa VOIP is an innovative service package for mobile users, offering voice over IP that is more convenient for them and increase operator revenue.

Mapfa  provide soft client which can be used on hand sets and dongles for flexible use. It can support

Network integration

The telecom-network and the internet at the same time.

  • SIP: use in call control/IM/Presence standard by telecom operators and is compliant with 3GPP/OMA standard.
  • Diameter/HTTP: Charging module sends charging request to OCS via this interface.
  • SOAP: Provisioning synchronizes subscriber information
  • HTTP/SOAP: Interface to 3rd party portal
  • XMPP: use in internet IM service providers
  • INAP/CAP: use in CS domain to accomplish enhanced services.

Main functionality

-Mobile phonebook enhanced with contact presence and status, converging with Internet Address Book.

-Internet voice and video calls and enhanced functions, such as smart routing, black list, one number.

-Unified File Box supports file online storage and sharing.

- Supports voice calls between various terminals through user MSISDN: 

  • Internet user to GSM User
  • GSM User to Internet User

-System supports voice calls between various terminals:

  • PC to PC
  • PC to Phone
  • Phone to PC
  • Web to Phone

Hardware Design

Solution is in Performance carrier-class processing platform and N+1 technology and overload control technology will guarantee reliable design.


Operation and maintenance

It provides Configuration Management, Software Management, Performance Management, Topology Management, Fault Management, Security Management, Tracing and Northbound Interface, etc.