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Business and Network Transformation

Operators are nowadays encountering critical challenges whilst great opportunities in the digital and cloud realms. Among them are end user experience refinement, end user value enhancement, and the winning of new subscribers. 

Our consulting services are committed to addressing your current issues, assisting you with the exploration of development opportunities and implementation, including but not limited to the areas described below:

  • Support transform operations from a network and cost focus to service and revenue/margin focus.
  • End user experience management, improving end user satisfaction and end user lifetime value.
  • Realize network and services evolution, network and services quality improvement, traffic operations, mobile internet operations mode.
  • Provide new service Based on MBB.
  • Implement energy-saving modernization solutions on multi-vendor equipment to optimize ROI.
  • Promote of ICT and cloud computing growth, implement BSS/OSS transformation based on cloud platforms and how to build profitable enterprise ICT business models.