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Customer Experience Optimimization

With deployment of 3G/4G networks, mobile Internet services and smart terminals, when growing mobile broadband service users , operators are facing fierce competition. In this Regards, Customer Experience Optimization has become a hot topic amongst Communication Service Providers nowadays. With the increased adoption of Smartphone and exponential growth in data services traffic, operators need to not only focus on traditional network KPIs but also cope with challenges of providing better quality and assurance for E2E services spanning across the entire customer lifecycle .Mapfa adopts holistic approach in offering multiple solutions for Customer Experience Optimization to operators based on overall understanding of the network, such as Network & Service Quality Improvement Solution, User Centric Service Operations Solution and Customer Experience Consulting.

The solution helps Operators to improve experience quality of each customer, and forms efficient customer-care mechanism. This attracts and retains high-value customers, and guides network operation to change from network-oriented performance management to customer- oriented experience improvement and from service quality-focused optimization to network value-focused operation. During the transition process, operators can coordinate front-line departments (such as marketing department and customer service department) with support departments (such as network planning and optimization department, OAM department, and information support department) for interaction. In this way, operators can establish a customer-centered cooperative system that orients to customers, services, and networks, so that customer experience is visible, controllable, analyzable, and traceable. Through elaborate optimization, the solution improves customer experience, and helps operators to maximize value in the channelized trend and win in fierce network operation competition.