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Delivery and Operations

With the continuous development of the communications industry, the traditional telecommunications services are gradually saturated. As the relevant mobile Internet services are rapidly developed, the operators' digital traffic flow management will be the key point for future development and the core profit growth.

Adaptive to the service transformation, great changes will surely happen to the operators’ organization, goals and processes in order to support and develop new types of services. The operators transformation highlights two major trends: the transformation of “network-centric to service-centric and user-centric” and the transformation of “dispersed regional management to centralized network management”. Mapfa, as an end-to-end service provider in the telecommunications industry, puts forward the point that the basic network operation and maintenance should gradually penetrate and change towards service quality management, customer experience management, business intelligence and other fields, and centralized management platforms should be established to better support and assist the carriers operators' service transformation.