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Training Service

Mapfa  Learning Solution supports you to optimize performance and to fulfill competence development plans. Your competence investment will be secured by linking business and operations objectives to competence requirements.

Whether your priorities are to boost your competitive position, improve operational and job performance, enhance the skill levels of key staff, or improve the efficiency of your training operations, we aim to optimize your training investments with clear links to your business goals. This will allow you to achieve the following benefits:

Competitive advantage – Ensure the right skills at the right time, to secure a competitive edge

Increase performance – Improve business and operational performance by improving skills and competencies of your staff.

Reduce OPEX – Decrease cost by increasing efficiency.

Alignment with key priorities – Align the learning goals to business, operations, and performance strategies; in all areas of your organization.

Best practice analysis - Independent and unbiased critical analysis of every aspect of your competence management function based on industry best practices

Clear improvement path - Increased visibility on areas for improvement and guidance on how to implement and manage change

Major shift in workforce competencies – Drive change for new skills, behaviors, and job roles by understanding the business models with new technologies.