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Mobile Broadband

Mobile broadband is already changing the way people across the globe access the Internet. It promises to drive even stronger economic growth and change the way in which we live, learn and work. There is currently a great deal of focus on the mobile broadband market, what it looks like and how it is developing in the future.  To meet the ever-increasing user demands of the mobile broadband experience, networks need to be smart, simple, and scalable and deliver superior performance. Mapfa is ready to cooperate operator to be more successful in this era.


Voice over IP (VOIP)

The message and voice communication market is changing with the rapid development of internet services. Users can find more convenient and economy message or voice services on the internet, which decreases the revenue of operators. Competitors in various field is emerging to share the revenue of communication market. At the same time, social networking with the basis of people relationship becomes the trend of the communication.

To help operators get rid of becoming pipes, protect traditional message and voice revenue and open up a new world of mobile internet, Mapfa  VOIP is trying our best and experiencing a lot.

Mapfa VOIP  is based on GSMA RCS standard, but has much more extended capabilities which can be deploy on traditional telecom networks (e.g. PLMN) and Internet.

VOIP function makes user can initiate voice call, messaging and file sharing by client easily. It also provides smart routing which will increase the call completion rate and bring good experience of communication anytime anywhere to user.

System supports voice calls between various terminals: 

  • Internet user to GSM User
  • GSM User to Internet user
  • PC Client and PC Client
  • Phone to PC

Mapfa provides customized and integrated terminal with software. This provides an advantage in that client integrates with handsets and USB Dongle, so subscribers can enjoy the VOIP services naturally and flexibly

Media Store

With the development of the telecom industry, the number of mobile users increasingly grows, intelligent terminals become more prevalent, and the expectations for profits of the mobile entertainment market also increase. These changes bring huge market opportunities to the mobile content or application market and also drive global service providers to conduct a new round of competitions based on the mobile content or application stores. Telecom carriers with rich user resources face larger industrial opportunities.

Content is everywhere as massive volumes of media are created and consumed daily. But prepping this content for delivery to millions of people and devices poses a daunting challenge for service providers. Reviews, quality checks, transcoding, modifications and edits must happen quickly. Multiple devices, formats, bitrates and quality levels must be supported. Mapfa media store Management Systems can help you meet the media asset management demands you face. 

Mapfa media store system addresses the creation, delivery and distribution challenges that can daunt service providers in a multiscreen and multiplatform world. It is a centralized media asset management platform that can handle any type of content, metadata or business process. And it is the backbone of an efficient, scalable multiscreen content management strategy. One that enhances revenues , helps retain subscribers and speeds time to market.

The core values of the Media store platform are to help telecom carriers construct content and application supermarkets, implement personalized user experience and marketing, develop a bilateral business model, and dig new revenue sources. The implementation of the core values relies on integral solutions in terms of technologies, operation and maintenance, and business operations. A technology-based solution provides a carrier for the embodiment of core values, while an operation-based solution is the key to implement core values.

Mobile TV and Digital Communication

The rise of broadband connectivity, cloud services and mobility has ushered in a highly disruptive period for the entire TV and media value chain. Consumers are rapidly embracing TV services that provide ease of access and personalization with the highest possible quality.

 Mobile TV is emerging as a killer application in the field of 3G mobile communications due to the popularity and portability of mobile phones. It can be foreseen that mobile TV will become an important support to the development of 
value-added services in the 3G era.

Mapfa MTV delivers on  vision for the future of cloud-driven experiences by combining the strengths of Pay TV in quality of service and content depth, with the personalization, interactivity and multiscreen viewing capabilities of the OTT start-ups. It brings the agility, innovation and economic benefits of modern cloud technologies and web services to Pay TV operators, representing a big leap forward in TV technology.

 Supported by SDP Media platform, MTV service provides end-to-end solution to deploy MTV service for carriers. MTV service provides industry-leading audio and video quality, with supported by ESG and Mobile client, MTV service provide easier service operation experiences for subscriber.