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Managed Service

Network Integration

Efficient network evolution is essential when growing your communications business profitably. Our end-to-end Network Integration services address all the challenges you can face in network deployment.

Fulfilling customers desires by assembling the most advanced industrial technologies, Mapfa's network integration service provides operators with customized solutions in basic communication network integration, IT network integration and service integration based on extensive experience accumulated over the past twenty years,Mapfa is committed to becoming the strategic partner of choice for these services

Also Mapfa SDP in the network pre-integrates with the existing IT enablers and Telecom enablers, single integration for the new applications will complete all the integration requirements, thus by saving nearly 30% to 50% integration costs.

Managed Service

Through Network Managed Services, Receive anytime access to support services, networking experts and online tools to help you quickly resolve issues and improve network performance.

The Network Managed Services offerings include all activities we would typically perform running a telecom network, for instance:

-operation and management of the entire network infrastructure

- Service Level Agreement (SLA)

-Management of end-customer problems escalated from your customer care function

-Corrective and preventive field maintenance

-Optimization of systems and services to ensure performance is maintained at or above agreed quality levels

-Management of changes to the network

-Installation and upgrades of equipment

-Multivendor Support

Network Managed Services embrace multi-vendor environments, which gives you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor of your choice.

We can also help you to secure your own in-house capability to operate the network, and while you get ready to operate we will take the full network management responsibility.

Operation Transfer

The key to a successful network operation is providing high-quality services to users in an efficient manner. Based on the operations model, Mapfa has the experience to bring best practices in various areas such as Centralization, ICT operation, service centric operation etc, helping operators to realize the operations transformation.

Mapfa’s broad portfolio of support services delivers network availability, stability, operational efficiency and service continuity. 

The foundation of Mapfa’s support offering is the Secure Support service. This package can be complemented with value-added Mapfa services such as Assure, Proactive Support, Software Update Management, Special Event support and Extend in order to respond to different operator needs.