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Consumer Communication

Create and launch core and value-added services quickly and easily. Reduce time to revenue, personalize your business and monetize on asset exposure. In consumer service fields, we offer operators integrated platforms that deliver rich services and applications, thus enriching end users' life and improving operator's revenue.

Application enablers

We are dedicated to helping telecom operators increase their revenue and improve their operational efficiency.


  • Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)
  • Sort Message Service Center SMSC
  • Sort Message Service Gateway (MSGW)
  • Multimedia service Center (MMSC)
  • Colored Ring Back tone (CRBR)

Rich Communication Service(RCS)

RCS stands for Rich Communication Suite and it is a term coined by the GSMA (GSM Association) to refer to a set of mobile applications and services which provide an interoperable, convergent, rich communication experience. RCS helps to enrich people's social communication by providing more integrated communication experience over mobile internet. We help operators to get more revenue by service innovation over converged Mobile and Internet network.

Service Delivery Platform (SDP)

SDP is VAS delivery platform for integration of CT domain service capabilities, IT domain network resources, and CP/SP service delivery, opening up service applications, and providing unified resource management. The Service Delivery Platform (SDP) converts the service management platform mode from the vertical mode to the horizontal mode. The SDP is a framework that is oriented to multiple networks, supports a variety of applications, and delivers comprehensive services to users

IVR and Voice Enablers

IVR and voice enablers’ solution provides the large capacity and highly integrated IVR solutions, which supports voice capability, layered modular designed to support the scalability of the system. With great benefits for operators and subscribers.


  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Missed call Alert (MCA)