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Expansion Business Solution

VAS Content

Mobile operators need to leverage the leading position to promote healthy development of the mobile VAS ecosystem. While the carriers strengthen collaboration with service providers (SPs) to develop new services, it has also to set foot in the lucrative content business to gain rising control over the value chain.

As telecom providers increasingly deliver content services, there is an expectation they can gain a share of advertising revenues. It is yet to be established how best to do this in practice. As per telecom surveys and Mapfa research reports; aggregator partnerships in the shape of other local Content Providers (CP) are surely to play the role and help operator to be successful in this era.

Mapfa will provide VAS Content for operator in local language for video; advertising, content-based and MBB based services which are to pick up revenue generation and differentiation impact as operator move from high growth market into a more mature market.

we has established working partnerships with other VAS, content and media players through its dedicated which ensures that the solutions it proposes to its partners are best of the breed available globally today. These partnerships have been established in the fields of:

  • Information service
  • Media Entertainment
  • Digital Music
  • Messaging & Applications
  • Integrated service